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Getting a Defective Disc Replaced

In the rare event that a disc skips or won't play, it could be dust in the lense of your DVD player, I would suggest cleaning your DVD player and trying again. However if that does not fix the problem please contact me and I will replace the defective disc once the defective disc is returned to us.

A lack of crisp clear video does not mean a disc is defective. Remember this show is 20 years old and it has not been remastered for HD. It will not be perfectly crisp and clear like today's cartoons. It will be the same quality it was 20 years ago which for the time was still really good.

Please note discs that need replacement must be sent back to us before we ship out replacements to you and I will only ship replacement discs
ONCE within 30 days after you get the set.  We will not replace defective disks after the 30 day period has passed.  If you need a replacement please check through the entire set before telling me what you need replaced. If you tell me you need a certain disc replaced and then down the road there is another because you didn't check the set I will not replace it.

If there are many defective discs in your set more than likely it is a problem with the DVD Player than the discs. I say this only because I have gotten discs back to be replaced and when I test them they are in perfect working order.

Returning Sailor Moon the Complete Series

In the event that you are unhappy with your set you can return it to us within
30 days in resalable condition and we will refund your purchase. Buyer pays all costs related with return. I always suggest that returns are insured by your shipping carrier as I have had instances of returns being lost in transit.  We will under no circumstances accept a set for refund after the 30 day return period has passed.

**All sets are sent out Brand New, Scratch free, clean, and carefully packed. If we get destroyed DVDís back (whether for replacement or refund); scratches, fingerprints, pet hair, ect. we will send the DVDís you destroyed directly back to you.**

Packages Lost in Transit

In the rare event that your package is lost in transit we will contact the Post Office and try to find your package.  In the case of International packages this can take up 6 weeks for USPS to contact your countries Post and confirm the package is lost.

In the event that your package is determined lost we will send out a new set to you but only
AFTER the Post Office has confirmed the loss of the package.